Monday, January 14, 2008

**FRESH** news :: Grue Ling Designs

**Fresh News is ducky's header for new things she finds in SL fashions.**

Grue Ling is a new designer to SL who shows an amazing amount of promise. I've picked up his latest releases but he has several more in his new shop on Mystical Island.

Having worked with Grue on this particular dress, called Shadow Lace, I'm quite fond of it. :) The corset top is laced and the texture is HIGHLY detailed (as is all of Grue's work) and the lace skirt has many fluffy layers which make this dress a fantastic combination of sweet and sexy. The skirt also comes in two different sizes, so re-sizing the skirt may not be a huge hassle for you.

Hair: "Jackie" by ETD
Boots: "Gunslinger" in black and silver by Solange
Tattoo: "Stars with Tribal" tattoo by Aitui
Belly Ring: Star Diamonds Belly Ring by Alienbear Designs
Skin: "Brisque - Freckle" in Honey by Chai Skins (group gift).

Grue's two latest releases as of this past week are Urban Casual and Urban Grunge. The tops are tintable, with a ribbed texture, and are available in all three layers: undershirt, shirt and jacket. The jeans come on the underwear and pants layers, which make them perfect for tucking into boots. While Grue uses some pre-made textures, all of his shading and folds are done by hand, as well as the pockets and waistband of the jeans in both sets, and are intricately detailed. I've included some closeup shots so you can see the effort he puts into his work. Urban Casual, above, is a "cleaner" version of the two, and I couldn't help but tint the top pink. Urban Grunge, below, is a ripped up, sexy mess. All of the rips and dirt were also done by hand. Grue's prices are VERY reasonable, especially considering not only the level of detail but all the layer options.

Urban Casual:
Hair: "Lynne II" in black by ETD
Boots: "Gunslinger" in black and silver by Solange
Tattoo: "Stars with Tribal" tattoo by Aitui
Belly Ring: Star Diamonds Belly Ring by Alienbear Designs
Skin: "Brisque - Freckle" in Honey by Chai Skins (group gift).

Urban Grunge:
Hair: "Maxine"in chestnut frosted by ETD
Boots: "Gunslinger" in black and silver by Solange
Tattoo: "Stars with Tribal" tattoo by Aitui
Belly Ring: Star Diamonds Belly Ring by Alienbear Designs
Skin: "Brisque - Freckle" in Honey by Chai Skins (group gift).

House of Nyla

***This post simul-posted at the MODA blog***

Nyla Cheeky of House of Nyla is not only enormously talented in Second Life, she's also got an amazing shop in Real Life, which she bases her SL designs on. Recently she had a 50% off sale, and after being dragged kicking and screaming by Jujudoll, I found myself snapping up many of her gorgeous creations. I then ran straight home and started snapping pictures!

House of Nyla is located at Starax.

My first purchase was this Peacock Feather Lingerie I've had my eye on for quite a while. I love peacock feathers and have many, many items which incorporate them so this was a natural purchase for me. I paired this with the Jackie hair from ETD, and my Sin Skin from the Ton Visage collection.

Next up is the shorter version of another of Nyla's dresses, the Dark Green Crochet Mini. The real-life version of this (seen here) is the most amazing dress I have ever seen, and how I wish I could have one (and pull it off the way the model does!). I bought both versions, this one is the short one. My ONLY problem with this dress was the difficulty I had with the system skirt. A skirt shape didn't look right so ultimately, I decided to just not use one. I wore the Rose hair from ETD, and the Vidalia Pump in Metallic Noir from Armidi Gisaci.

Next up is the Patent Pressed Flower Leather Shorty Catsuit. Big name, little shorts! I especially love the buckles on the front, and the sweet little tophat which is included. This was paired with the Miyabi hair from Zero Style, and the Vidalia Pump in Metallic Noir from Armidi Gisaci.

Last but definitely not least is the long version of the crochet gown, in black. Again, I had some difficulties with the system skirt but overall, this dress is absolutely stunning with its long flexi skirt with godets.

Real-life versions of almost everything I showed (with the exception of the peacock feather lingerie) are shown on the House of Nyla website, and definitely get over to Starax and check out Nyla's amazing in-world fashions as well!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Gift 2

Christmas Gift 2
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Part two of these two entries is about the skirt and top, by [/AMBUSH/]. This is the Nasreen set in Red. Also shown are the Old Boots by Shiny Things, Dark Red Fishnets from *Sheer*, and the hair is Emily from ETD.

Christmas Gift 1

Christmas Gift 1
Originally uploaded by duckyfresh
Ahem yes, I realize, I am a slacker.

However, I felt this was a good enough reason to post again. I was sent some wonderful gifts through OnRez but have no idea who they are from and I wanted to thank this person so I took some pictures, and I'm posting on my blog! So this first entry is about the scarf and socks set. They are from *BOOM*, and this is the Winter Stripes (warm) set. For those who are curious, I'm also wearing the top from the Skater Girl set from Sh*t Happens, the shorts are from Tuli, the belt is the Pouch Belt from Shiny Things, and the boots are the Zippered Engineer Boots from Zero Number, hair is from "Imaginary" from Naughty.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Wild about Bare Rose!

Thanks to FashCon, I received a notice last night about new designs at Bare Rose. Having recently discovered, and fallen in love with, Bare Rose, I ran straight over. I think everyone else in FashCon did to because the sim was hopping!

I snapped up 2 of the new releases, and found a slightly older one I'd been mulling over and finally decided to nab. Glad I did!!

This first one is Scottish Fold, a fun mix of Scottish and Japanese. It comes with slouchy, Japanese schoolgirl style socks but I decided to wear boots fo rthis one. I am IN LOVE with this outfit. The jacket has many prim parts, including shoulders, sleeves, cuffs, and a cute necktie which has variations for all of its colors. The skirt has two options, the one I'm wearing, and a mini-skirt. Also worn with this, "Old Boots" from Shiny Things, and "Lola" hair from =RaC=

This next one is called "Sexy Nora". Adorable jean shorts and a t-shirt with shoved-up sleeves. the sleeves, waistband and legbands are all prim attachments. I wore my pink Chuck Taylors from Darkstar, and white sunglasses from Artilleri.

This last outfit I forsee myself wearing very often. The sweater is called KnitKnit, and comes, like all of Bare Rose's outfits, with a variety of colors. I'm wearing the Pink sweater here, of course, and my favorite Tuli jeans and pink Chucks. This sweater has 2 undershirt options, a longer one and a shorter one, and also comes with the cute flexi scarf. The set also comes with a system skirt. I cannot wait to see what Bare Rose comes out with next!! Thanks again, TheDiva Rockin' for the use of your photosphere :P

Saturday, October 6, 2007

**Simulposted on the MODA fashion blog**

I have never been so glad to join a Subscribe-o-Matic group as I was when I joined =RAC='s group. Normally known for skins, =RAC= has branched out into hair and clothing. I received an update this morning with their new line of hair and was immediately compelled to check them out, and oh. my. goodness.

Their textures are unbelievably soft and realist. Wearing my new =RAC= hair now, I just want to pet it. Mmmm soft.. pet..

Ahem, anyway.

They ARE very expensive, at $400L for just one color but I think it was worth breaking my bank this afternoon.

The first one I'll show, and my favorite, is Darling in Black. I not only took several pictures from the front, I took one from the back as well so you can see just how fine the texture really is. The hair is a mixture of flexi and sculpty, I especially love how the hair falls naturally behind my shoulders, without going through them.

I also picked up a few others to show off as well, this next one is their $10L special, called Fling II which comes with ALL of their colors in one pack. Very cute for what's basically a freebie.

This next style is Champagne, which is a lovely, loose updo with plenty of whispies coming out of it. Elegant and yet informal enough to wear out shopping.

Next up is Touche, a very darling set of pigtails. Normally I don't go for pigtails but again, the texture makes this do a must-have for casual outfits.

Last but not least is Biscuit, very high up on my list of favorites from =RAC=. Like Champagne, it's a loose updo, but this one is mostly sculpty, a little wispier, and very casual.

Stop by =RAC= city and check out the entire line, along with their clothing for both men and women, and of course, their extremely realistic skins.

Oh and also:

Top = Jenny Fresh by Tuli
Skin = Freckled Seren Fresh Sol Skin Ton Visage by Sin Skins
Eyes = Lost Deep Blue by Naughty
Lashes = Cake Bedroom Eyes

I apologize to Firefox readers out there, Blogspot hates me and hates Firefox and I cannot format these things so they look the same between Firefox and IE. :(

Friday, September 28, 2007


I decided to give this blogging thing a go, and to start, I'll be showing you three of my favorite outfits.
This first one is in a pose I made myself, so it's my favorite, also, I'm in love with the hair (thanks Makeda!)

Hair is "Pompadour" by 0 Style :: Top is Kimi in Teal/Rose by Tuli :: Jeans are Tuli (Can you tell I love my Tuli?) :: Shoes are Chuck Taylors in Pink by Darkstar Designs (Can you tell I love my Chucks??) :: Skin is Vogue - Cashmere (Vamp - Seduce) :: Pose by me

I found this sweater while pose shopping at Maitreya a few days ago and fell in love. There are several options for the hood: You can wear it up or down, or you can do what I did and get the optional hair pack which includes a simply amazing hair style in many colors. There are two copies of the hair in the pack, one of which GLOWS with your own personal facelamp, so you have no ugly shadows, yay!!!

Sweater is the "Jam Hoodie" by Maitreya w/optional hair :: Shorts are from Tuli's Jeans Pack in black :: Belt is "Pouch Belt" by Shiny Things :: Shoes are Chuck Taylors by Darkstar Designs in pink :: Tattoo is "Rainbow Star Tat" by Sh*t Happens :: Anklet is by Ti Amo :: Skin is (DN) Vogue - Cashmere (Vamp - Seduce) :: Eyes are Turquoise from Gracile

I've seen this sweater everywhere and I just had to have it so I tracked it down to Bare Rose and have rarely taken it off since! I've been trying to diversify my wardrobe a bit, mixing and matching so this is where I started.

Sweater is "Maya" by Bare Rose :: Shorts by Tuli :: Hair is "Janine" by ETD :: Shoes are Chucks by Darkstar Designs :: Tatto is "Star Tat" by Sh*t Happens :: Skin is Vogue - Cashmere (Vamp - Seduce)